Trip Gintz: From boy to man talking Tiger Basketball

If you were raised in the city of Memphis, then you would know that Memphis is a basketball city. The only time people here talk about football is when it is concerning high school football. But that’s not enough to overpower Memphis Tigers Basketball. For years, Tiger Basketball has been the talk of the town. There were legendary coaches here such as Dana Kirk, Gene Bartow, Larry Finch, and John Calipari. No one knows Tiger Basketball more so than Trip Gintz.

He has spent his entire life in the city of Memphis and it seems like he is not trying to leave here. Just as long as the Memphis Tigers are winning games every season, then he’s happy and content. It was his grandparents that got him into basketball at a young age. They were season-ticket holders. At the age of 8, he went to watch the Tigers in action for the first time. Former Tiger great Keith Lee was one of the first players that he saw play in person. During the 1960’s televisions were not hot commodities, so either you went to the games or you listened to them on the radio. Trip mentioned that he listened to 9 or 10 games on the radio before he started going to the games.

The fans in Memphis are not patient with a coach who can’t seem to get the team to win. For example, fans are not sure Pastner can coach, but he will get his chance to win over the fans this upcoming season. Trip seems to like Pastner.

“I think the man is becoming a great coach,” said Trip. “Pastner is a hell of a nice guy.”

Trip, 46 years old, is very excited about next season and he feels that the Tigers will have a successful season. He hesitated from a moment when he was asked how he thinks the season will go for the Tigers. He simply said “I don’t think this is a make it or break it season for Memphis.” Some people may not agree with this looking at the fact that Pastner has been head coach for four seasons. Memphis fans are too impatient and have to give the guy a chance.

“What Calipari did was not suppose to be done as consecutively as it did,” said Trip. The Tiger fanatics are spoiled over the success that Calipari brought to Memphis but it was a slow start for Calipari. In his second season, the Tigers won the NIT championship. In his last seven years as head coach, they made it to the NCAA tournament six times. Calipari’s time is over, so people honestly should just leave it in the past.

Trip is not the only fan in his family who’s crazy over Tiger Basketball. His son, Sam, loves basketball. He started taking his son to the games during the 2011-2012 season. When he asked who does his son really cheer for? He says with a smile on face, “He loves Joe Jackson.” “He also watches the Grizzlies. He’s still having a little trouble understanding the game, but he has gotten a lot better over the years.” Sam, 13 years old, is diagnosed with a form of autism entitled “Asperger Syndrome.” No matter what his condition is, this kid will not stop at nothing to watch some college hoops. Trip’s daughter, Cynthnia Quinn (8 years old), is not really into basketball but after awhile she will not have a choice since father and son are tuned in.

The 2013-2014 season is right around the corner, well maybe in another neighborhood making its way to the corner. The Tigers season will officially kick off on Nov. 8 against Christian Brothers. This season, the Tigers will play some heavyweights such as Louisville, Cincinnati, UConn, Temple, Florida, and Oklahoma State. Trip really didn’t want to give his predictions for next season, but he did it anyway with a confused looking facial impression. He was looking as if he didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

“They will have a good season. I know that they will do fine, but anything more than seven losses would be a disappointing season.”


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