Three Things To Focus On For Memphis


As October is about to leave us all, that only means one thing. It means that the regular season of college basketball is finally here and will be here until late Spring. Every team has been practicing hard each and everyday including the Memphis Tigers. Pastner is trying his best to have his guys tuned up for the upcoming season.

Here are the three things that I will focus on this entire week:

1. Memphis being ranked No. 13 in the country in the USA Today Preseason Top 25 poll. Some fans of Memphis are not happy with the rankings, but it’s okay. In my personal poll, I had them at No. 11 after Michael Dixon was granted his waiver at the beginning of the fall semester. Memphis simply has a lot to prove if they want to get into the top 10. Pastner has to prove that he’s capable of coaching in crucial games and come out on top. Me personally, I believe in him and his team, but it’s not me who will be disappointed, it will be the fans.

2. Defense has to get better during practice. During practice, the Tigers run a scrimmage to loosen up their bodies. High-scoring is not a problem for the team, instead it is the defense. Pastner is trying to beat it in his team’s head that the defense has to get better. They will not win games by scoring a lot of points. Pastner’s main focus is for his team to play full-court press, but will it work?

3. Tigers are to scrimmage against the Bears of Baylor. The Tigers are slated for a Nov. 2 scrimmage against Baylor in Ruston, La. Media or fans will not be allowed to watch the event, but rest to sure things will be said by both coaching staffs. It will be interesting to see how Memphis performs in a game against another school. Can the seniors co-exist? How will the big men fare against Cory Jefferson and Isaiah Austin? How will Pastner use all of the guards he has on the roster? Will he have the Tigers full-court press? These questions will be answered sooner than later.

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