Quick Notes from Monday’s Practice

The Memphis Tigers Basketball team finished their second practice on Monday. There was no half stepping as the Tigers scrimmaged once again. Pastner is definitely getting these guys into game style shape so, they will not have rust once their season officially kicks off on Nov. 14 against Austin Peay.

Shaq Goodwin looked impressive throughout summer workouts since he dropped down to 242 pounds. Goodwin finished with five offensive rebounds and was plus-19 on the staff’s stat sheet. Pastner is definitely impressed with how hard Goodwin has been practicing.

“He’s been a different guy this whole year. He’s having fun and he’s doing well,” said Pastner.

Goodwin was not the only Tiger to put on a performance during the scrimmage. Michael Dixon finished with seven assists (game-high) and three turnovers. Kuran Iverson had six defensive rebounds and five blocks for the Blue Team. Coming out of high school, Iverson was not known for his rebounding ability, but the world will know more of Iverson’s ability to do other things besides scoring once the season kicks into high gear. Iverson has a 7-3 wingspan and can help Memphis on the glass.

For the White team, Damien Wilson was the aggressor as he drove to the basket for points. Austin Nichols looked more comfortable compared to the first practice. He received plenty of touches in the paint and finished at plus-13 on the stat chart.

Here are Pastner’s thoughts about the scrimmage:

“It’s the pace we want. We had a full practice and then we played a 20-minute game,” said Pastner. “But more than the points, it’s getting us in the flow and the speed we want to play at now. We’ve had two disappointing things: way too many turnovers and way too many fouls.

“But it’s a process and it”s going to take some time. If we were playing half court, it’d be a different deal. Right now I’m running individuals and the team if the energy is not good. I’m not running just yet for turnovers because when you’re pressing there’s gonna be turnovers. You’re hoping that it’s good defense more so than bad offense.”

Both teams compiled for 105 points. Look for Pastner to get his team better at not turning the ball over and staying out of foul trouble.

I received this information from the Commercial Appeal.